Survival Bracelet

Clutch Outdoors SKU: CO-30015

Survival Bracelet

Clutch Outdoors SKU: CO-30015
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The Clutch Outdoors Survival Bracelet provides you 5 survival gear essentials in just one bracelet, and will fit most any size wrist. This space-saving bracelet is a must have for the outdoor enthusiast, and allows you to Be Prepared, In The Clutch.

Featured on the bracelet are these survival essentials:

  • Magnesium fire starter
  • Compass
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Emergency Knife (Rod Scraper)
  • 12 Feet of Military-Grade Paracord (Holds Up To 550 lbs)

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Be prepared with Clutch Outdoors full line up of survival, camping and cooking gear that will be welcomed on your next outdoor adventure.